the foundations

the foundations: a secrecy-positive digital

everyone says there’s no “i” in team.

tesla was a solitary man, who created genius in everything he touched.

hitler became infamous for his singular ideas.

putin out-thinks all western liberal democratic national security teams, hands down.

we believe teams have their role, of course. but when a liberal democracy in practice supports individual thinking less than a communist state, something has gone wrong with our information technology approaches, our operating systems, and our software applications and platforms.

not to say our social and business cultures.

that something says there is no “i” in team.

we want to put that right.

we want a secrecy-positive digital so we can all be a tesla in one respect or another.

we also want this secrecy-positive digital so our law enforcement and national security can begin to fight the putins of this world on equal terms.

and stop the future ones from ever getting into power in the first place.